Jim & Cath Clelland

"We trust Ruth implicitly with our finances"

Jim: Hi, I’m Jim Cleland and this is my wife, Kath. We’ve clients of Ardent for around five years now.

Cath: Initially, our involvement with Ruth was around properties and mortgages and advice of that type. Then as she moved and progressed within Ardent, we asked to keep with her, so her advice became about our personal finances. Which she was very familiar with, and we were very comfortable with her.

We’ve both retired and at different points. Ruth has helped, first of all, it would you Jim wouldn’t it? As Jim described, moving different pension arrangements into a vehicle through Arden to nucleus that we were more comfortable with happy with, and still are very much happier with it. In my case, I’ve recently retired. Whilst in employment, pension arrangements have come to the endpoint on my 60th birthday. It was a matter of organising those in a way that I felt was suitable for me, for Jim for our family.

Jim: The best thing about working with Ruth for me is trust. I trust her implicitly, she gives us very sound advice. She’s not afraid to challenge us when we have an idea of what we shall do. I really can’t speak too highly of her.

Cath: She now knows and our situation, so well, it’s a really easy discussion to have. In any sort of relationship with an advisor, particularly financial, it becomes very personal. We can cover a lot of ground really quickly with Ruth because she understands the nature of our family situation. She understands us. She understands what our priorities are, how we want to be able to use what we have been able to save and invest for the benefit, not really for us, but for our children or grandchildren, other relatives who might need some assistance. It’s been great being able to have someone who really understands us, our mindset, our philosophy in life.

We have got a good relationship with Gary, he takes us he’s done the big overview, the big picture of where our finances are. It enables you to have an understanding and control over your financial situation. We haven’t, in this relationship, we haven’t just handed over responsibility to Gary and Ruth. We have a responsibility ourselves into what we do with it, how we manage it, where we keep it. I think we all understand how that relationship works. Recently, one of the team as Ruth had moved away from doing mortgage type arrangements. We now have a new person who’s been looking after us for the last two years on that sort of thing. He’s really been excellent. I think our confidence also comes from the fact that Ardent, also develop their own staff, so that there is there’s continuity, there are handovers, there’s a resilience within the team. Would you say that? Yes.

The words I would use to describe Ardent are knowledgeable and professional, consistent, reliable.

Jim: Honest, thorough, service-oriented.

The support staff are equally service-oriented. It’s not just the front people, it’s not just Gary and Ruth. They give us their professional advice. When you have a problem if you call with a problem, the other staff treat you very professionally as well.

I’d be very happy to recommend Adam because of the service we’ve had from them. I have had significant experience in other people managing my self-administered pension. Ardent managed the transition from that, and it’s night and day the service I know get from Ardent compared to my previous supplier.

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