Investments & Savings

Whether you’re saving up for a rainy day or something specific, our investments and savings advice will help you make the most of your money.

  • Could you cope with an unexpected major expense?
  • How much can you afford to save without negatively impacting your lifestyle?
  • Do you have a financial goal in mind such as school or university fees or a wedding?
  • Do you wish to invest a capital sum in order to achieve long term growth?

How we can help

We start with planning…

We take a look at your situation as a whole, including all your financial affairs.

We will look at the goals you wish to reach and the available income/capital available in order to help you set on a path towards this, and review ongoing.

Investment & Savings in a nutshell

  • Advise on different types of savings and investment options
  • Balance the level of risk with the return on investment required
  • Look to minimise tax liability where possible
  • Establish the level of access and control required
  • Match your needs to your Ethical beliefs

We can advise you on the most appropriate types of investment opportunities, balancing the level of risk with the return on investment required.

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Meet our Investments & Savings specialists

Gary O’Brien

Director & Chartered Financial Planner


Pensions Transfers and Trusts

Mark Fisher

Director & Financial Planner


Financial Planning

Ruth Norman

Financial Planner


Financial Planning, Equity Release

Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you in your decision making:

Aren’t Financial Advisers just trying to sell me something?

We only make money from fees, rather than commission. We’ll always explain our fees, and the cost of the products we recommend before we give any advice.

Am I getting the right advice?

As ‘Independent’ Financial Planners, we have a wider reach when searching for the most suitable product for you. We’ll ask all the important questions to determine what kind of investment is going to suit you and your future plans, and then recommend accordingly.

Can you help me decide which investment is right for me?

Investing in stock market shares is not without its risk. They can rise in value over many years, go into periods of decline, or fall suddenly in value, with no guarantee you’ll get back the full amount you invest. The key thing to remember is, the longer you stay invested in the stock market the better you tend to do.

If you only invest in a handful of shares over the short term, you’ll certainly increase your risk. But by investing over many years and spreading your savings over a wide range of shares, you lessen that risk and actually increase your chances of getting a good return.

How do I check my investment?

We use a ‘Personal Finance Portal’ which allows you to see your investments anywhere and at any time, it also allows you to keep you personal details up to date.

What our investments and savings clients have said about us

‘Ruth, Fiona and team are brilliant, very professional and have looked after us over the last 10 years. We would not go anywhere else. Superb independent advice and customer service and support. Phenomenal!’
‘Having been recommended by a friend, we have now been using the Ardent team for three years. They are professional, helpful and always go the extra mile in using their comprehensive financial knowledge to get us the best deal in whatever area of financial planning we require.’
‘The introduction of the online financial portal has been, in our opinion, a great addition to the whole Ardent financial package.’
‘Ardent has been managing my finances for many years and I have always found everyone to be approachable and efficient. As my personal advisor, Gary has been fantastic and has provided really valuable advice in a friendly and supportive way. I would therefore highly recommend the Ardent team and have no hesitation in awarding 5 stars!’
‘Great team who have helped with both Business and Personal planning, including mortgage advice.’
‘The Ardent team have been great at providing no-nonsense advice about our finances. Everyone we've dealt with has been super friendly and approachable, listening carefully to what we want and then using their huge amount of knowledge to help with our decisions. Highly recommended.’
‘I have been a client of Ardents for many years now. They are a very professional and caring company. Ruth has helped me very much through my redundancy and its financial implications. Helping to find the finance for our properties and to consolidate our investments. I would recommend them to everyone.’
‘Mark has given us excellent service over the years, investing my pension fund and other savings. I wanted an ethical portfolio, and Mark has been very good at finding funds that fit with my criteria and perform well. We have annual meetings with him to review our investments, which helps us keep in touch with our affairs. He is extremely approachable, and always available if we have questions. I would thoroughly recommend him and the team’

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Our Chartered Financial Planning status is an indication of our commitment to delivering the highest standards and ethical behavior. It’s our industry’s gold standard.
Our Cyber Essentials accreditation is a sign we take data security seriously. We have proven measures in place to ensure all our client’s data is held and processed securely. It’s peace of mind for all of us.