Later Life Care

Planning for your later years is more than just getting your pension sorted.

Often, there comes a time when we need extra care, whether at home or in a residential setting - and that raises questions about planning for fees, releasing equity and granting power of attorney.

Whether you’re:

  • considering your future care needs
  • already in care
  • needing extra care at home
  • the family of someone who needs residential or home care
  • a professional court deputy or attorney working on behalf of an elderly vulnerable client.

…rest assured, we can help.

How can Ardent help with Later Life Care?

We start with planning.

We’ll create an individual plan, using our lifestyle financial planning service. Our plans cost a fixed fee and will give you an accurate picture of your financial position.

Many people find out at this stage that they don’t need to worry about funding their future care needs.

If this is the case for you, we won’t try to sell you anything you don’t need.

If you’re facing a shortfall, we’ll start looking at solutions.

We’ll work with you to put together a bespoke portfolio to help meet your needs.

Your portfolio will be tailored to your individual requirements, and will use a combination of:

  • An Immediate Care Plan — an insurance based product that provides a regular income in exchange for an upfront investment.
  • Care Fees Planning — specialist financial advice to cover immediate and future care costs.
  • Equity Release — make the best use of the money tied up in your property.
  • Power of Attorney — someone to take responsibility in the event of loss of mental capacity.

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Meet our Later Life Care specialist

Mark Fisher

Director & Financial Planner


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Symponia — simply reassuring

We’re proud to be members of Symponia, a national body dedicated to promoting the highest standards in Care Fees Planning.

Why should Care Professionals talk to us?

As a SOLLA accredited adviser our Later Life specialist Michael Oglesby understands the financial, legal, medical and emotional challenges of Later Life Care.

When you refer your clients to a SOLLA accredited adviser, you can be sure you’re acting in their best interests.

For Legal Professionals

We can act as financial partners for Court Of Protection appointed deputies.

We get a lot of questions about Later Life Care — here are some of the most often asked:

Will my money run out?
We won’t even try to answer this question until we’ve created an accurate picture of your financial position using our cashflow modelling platform.
Will there be any legacy?
Later Life Care goes hand-in-hand with estate planning, which helps establish how much you can afford to leave behind without affecting your lifestyle; and reduces the impact of Inheritance Tax through gifting, trusts, and insurance.
Can I afford the care I need?
As Symponia members, we’re recognised experts in Care Fees Planning. If there’s a way, rest assured we’ll find it.
What if my health worsens?
Our specialist Care Fees Planning advice makes sure you’re prepared for every eventuality.
What if I lose mental capacity?
The key is being prepared — appointing an attorney to take responsibility if you can’t. Our individual bespoke financial plan will make your attorney’s job much simpler.
Aren’t Financial Advisers just trying to sell me something?
We only make money from fees, rather than commission. We’ll always explain our fees, and the cost of the products we recommend before we give any advice.
Can I get specialist advice?
Certainly — our Later Life Care specialist is a SOLLA Accredited Adviser.
Am I getting the right advice for my needs?
By using a SOLLA Accredited Adviser, you can be sure that you are getting advice from someone who has up-to-date training and specialist understanding of Later Life Care.
Am I doing the best thing in my role as Attorney?
By law, as an attorney you must act in your donor’s best interests. Using a Financial Adviser with Professional Accreditation in Later Life Care will give you peace of mind that you’re doing just that.
Will my attorney look after my best interests?
Attorneys are regulated by law, and we won’t work with anyone we think isn’t acting in your best interests.
Our Chartered Financial Planning status is an indication of our commitment to delivering the highest standards and ethical behavior. It’s our industry’s gold standard.
Our Cyber Essentials accreditation is a sign we take data security seriously. We have proven measures in place to ensure all our client’s data is held and processed securely. It’s peace of mind for all of us.