Elain Hughes

17 April 2020

Ardent Working Practices Update

The Government has reviewed the lock-down after 3 weeks as promised, and unsurprisingly they have kept the status quo for another 3 weeks.

As a Nation, we therefore face another 3 weeks of restricted movement, social distancing and all the other things the lock-down brings. Whilst we all worry about, and miss being able to visit, loved ones, I would imagine most people agree with and understand yesterday’s decision.

For Ardent, that means at least another 3 weeks of being open for business but with a temporarily reduced team. As mentioned in our previous communication, thanks to the patience and cooperation of our clients, and the agility and dedication of our people, we are still providing our core services as normal.

For our investment and pension clients, we are still offering regular financial planning reviews as they fall due, although the review might be conducted by a different Ardent adviser from normal, and it will take place by video or phone call.

For our mortgage clients, we will continue to offer reviews as the clients’ existing deals start to run off, although we might need to ask you to bear with us as lenders are understandably extremely busy dealing with those many customers needing assistance, so the process may be a bit slower than normal.

Clearly, we are all in this together, and whilst the media are at last starting to report on some of the positive news out there, we are probably still a long way from returning to normal. In the meantime, uncertainty can naturally lead to some stress and anxiety, and some of that will be connected to finances.

At times like these, although it’s not necessarily easy, it can be helpful to remember that your financial plans are based on a long-term time horizon. All our invested clients will have a portfolio with us which is invested globally across numerous industrial sectors and includes various types of assets (shares, government bonds, corporate bonds, commodities etc etc). In other words, it is widely diversified and not overly concentrated in any particular risk area. Most importantly, each portfolio is linked to a personal financial plan, which probably straddles several decades and is based on each client’s personal values, beliefs and aspirations.

Investing in capital markets has never been a straight road. Set-backs (large and small) have always been part of the journey. Whilst past performance guarantees nothing in future, history has shown that markets always tend to recover and very often the best outcome for the investor is achieved by taking a long-term view and staying invested, however uncomfortable that may feel in the short-term.

Once again, I thank you all for your help and understanding during these unusual times. If you need to get in touch, then please do so through the usual channels.

In the meantime, stay healthy and best wishes to all of you.

Gary O'Brien

Managing Director

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