Elain Hughes

19 May 2020

The Ardent process


The Ardent process

Here at Ardent, we are passionate about helping you make the most of your finances, but we understand that this might not be all that easy to understand if you’ve never spoken with a financial planner before. That’s why we thought it would be helpful to explain in more detail how exactly our service works, so you can make an informed decision as to whether or not you’d like to get a plan in place for your future.


The first step…

First things first, most people contact us because they are starting to think about the future and want to understand how, or if, the future they want can become a reality. This could be for a whole host of reasons; you may be working in a job you aren’t happy in and wondering what sort of job/salary you need to build the future you envision, you may be thinking about retirement and wondering how long your savings will last, you may have older family members that will need care and need advice on what to do now so you can plan for this, or you may simply just be looking for a bit of clarity on your future and finances. Whatever the reason, this initial contact is based on a free, no obligation meeting, where we will discuss your current situation, your hopes for the future and how the financial planning process works.


Getting started…

Within the initial meeting we will listen while you tell us about the things you would like to do in the future, and the things you want to avoid. We will show you how we take these things into account in our financial planning process and explain how we look at various ways of getting you to where you want to be. We will also describe some of the assumptions we make in order to give you a glimpse into your future, and obviously we will also explain in full our fee for delivering your financial plan, (which is not due until the plan is complete and you are happy with it).

In this meeting you will be free to decide if you would like to take the next step to getting your financial plan in place. If you decide you do want to proceed with us, we can get started there and then! We will get you set up on our secure client portal and can begin the process of gathering the financial information we need for your plan.


The plan…

In as little as two weeks of the initial meeting and getting started, we can have your financial plan ready to delve into. You will come back for another meeting (either face to face or via video conferencing) to discuss it in more detail and to look at the different things you could be doing now to help you reach your goals in the future. We develop your plan during this meeting, until you have a vision of the future which you are happy with. Once we have achieved that together, you will either leave with your plan and implement anything needed yourself, or you will ask us to recommend and implement the building blocks on your behalf. The choice is yours.


The review…

If you have instructed Ardent to put your plan into action, then it’s important to keep track of it's progress as you move forward. To do this, we provide an annual review that will look at all the elements identified in your financial plan and monitor the progress of it. This also helps to highlight when there are new opportunities that can be incorporated into the plan and any other changes that need to be made, for example timescales, job changes, other personal circumstances, inheritances etc. Whatever changes happen during your life, they can be incorporated into the plan so you can see how they affect it and we can decide on any remedial action needed to keep it on track.


Future support…

We are proud that most of our financial planning clients build long-term relationships with the team here at Ardent and we keep in touch to help them throughout their lives with changes in personal and professional circumstances. Whether they need support with financial planning during or after divorce, help with equity release, planning for later life care, or help with mortgages, we are here to help them through their journey and are always happy to have a conversation about what can be done.


We really hope that helps to walk you through our financial planning service. If you’d like to arrange an initial conversation to find out more about getting a financial plan for your future, please give the team a call on; 01904 655330 or email us at hello@ardentuk.com

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