Gary O’Brien

14 April 2020

Why choose a financial planner over a financial advisor?

Why choose a financial planner over a financial advisor?


What’s the difference between a financial advisor and a financial planner? While an advisor can help you choose specific financial products such as ISAs or pensions at a certain point in your life, a Financial Planner will work alongside you over many years on your life journey.


The beauty of forming a long-term financial plan is that you’ll be able to reach major lifetime goals. Perhaps you’d like to completely pay off your mortgage, help your children get on the property ladder or take an unforgettable trip abroad. Big dreams require big plans, and while financial advice is useful at particular instances in your life, only financial planning can help you see the bigger picture.


Part of the struggle that many clients face is that they can’t predict the future. While they can compare mortgage deals or renew their ISA, they can’t be sure whether this will be enough to ultimately get them to where they wish to be. That’s where financial planning comes in.


As Chartered Financial Planners, we’re able to use sophisticated modelling to calculate whether you’ll be able to meet your long-term goals with your current financial plan, or whether you need to make adjustments.


We consider multiple aspects of your lifestyle, spending and investments rather than just that one-off mortgage renewal or ISA transfer. Doing so allows us to look into our metaphorical crystal ball and visualise you and your family in five, ten or even twenty years’ time. This is insight that a financial advisor might not be able to provide you with from looking at one aspect of your life in isolation.


With our experience and technology, we’ll be able to suggest details like how much money to save each year, whether your current investments will mature at the right time and whether your pension will provide what you need it too.


Partnering with you, we won’t leave you to implement your plan alone. Every year, we invite you back to meet with us. This allows us to keep reviewing your financial situation and re-evaluate in light of interest rates, new policies and changes in your own priorities. We’re also able to help you stay on track, focusing your attention once again on what you need to do to make your money work for you.  This is close, long-term guidance is where we differ from a financial advisor who you meet normally only once.


If you’d like to find out more about financial planning or are ready to share your lifegoals with us, please email While our office is not open at this time, we are very much able to help you via phone, video call and email.

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