Team members

We are proud of our team and what they achieve, and we are even more proud as a business to achieve not just once, but twice, 91% employee engagement results. Now this is something to be REALLY proud of!

Gary O’Brien

Chartered Financial Planner and Director

Mark Fisher

Managing Director / Chartered Assoc. of LIBF & Financial Planner

Ruth Norman

Financial Planner

Elain Hughes

Business Director

Chris Tordoff

Technical & Compliance Director

Declan Coates

Client Relationship Manager

Daniel Sanderson

Client Relationship Manager

Andy Tatterton

Client Relationship Administrator

Donna Skidmore

Client Relationship Administrator

Trish Newton

Business Administrator

Amelia Headley

Client Administrator


Barketing executive

What our staff say

"I believe that everyone in a company should have the opportunities to progress, and I believe at Ardent we embody this through allowing our staff to progress and match their career aspirations" Chris

"I feel that working for a company who values the people who work for it, is so refreshing. Taking everyone’s opinion into account and always working as a team towards an end goal of better outcomes for our clients – I couldn’t ask for a better company to work for." Ruth

"Working for a company that lives and breathes its values is something I have not experienced in the way in which I do now." Elain

"It’s a great environment of people who care about what they do." Andy

"Ardent is a great company to work at. The small business atmosphere fosters a strong sense of camaraderie amount colleagues, creating a close-knit and supportive team. The company’s leadership genuinely values employees’ input, and continually demonstrates a commitment to ensuring the business and the team are the best they can be." Dan

"I enjoy working at Ardent because it is a small team, which means it is easier to get to know everybody in the office on a personal level, which leads to a good team atmosphere." Trish

"No two days are the same at Ardent, each client is unique. I love working with and learning from a great team who are all passionate about what they do." Amelia

"Strong social aspect of work, working in a small company as a close-knit team and all working towards same objectives and client experience. Not just an employee number as may be experienced in a ‘large’ organisation! Not focussed on wrong things i.e client central to advice process (not just what is best for revenue, as may be experienced elsewhere and the industry is known for)." Declan

"Working at Ardent means being part of a small team, where it is easier to bond with everyone. There is a good team spirit, enabling a positive workplace atmosphere. Each day is different." Donna