Sustainability matters

Social responsible investing is a key component of the advice we provide, with the majority of our clients taking up Social Responsible investments whether that be through portfolios aligned to negative or positive screening, our Financial Planners understand that you want to invest sustainably while still achieving your financial goals.

Clients investing ethically

We understand that investing ethically is important to many people, as well as us as a company. We're proud to say that:

76 %
Of our current clients choose to invest ethically

We are also proud to say that:

  • We are now working with Carbon Footprint by of setting our carbon consumption
  • To view our Carbon Footprint Report please  click here.
  • To view our Carbon Footprint certificate please  click here.
  • Recycling Inhouse items such paper, cardboard, plastic, tins and glass
  • Proud to purchase Renewable Power 100% green energy
  • Class Office is a local company who understands our commitment for purchasing ‘green’.
  • VA Cleaning is a local company who does our weekly clean, using ethical products for us, which we believe is worth paying that just that little bit more for.
  • We buy direct from ‘Who Gives a Crap’ for our toilet rolls, and purchase in bulk.
  • We have started to use ‘SMOL’ for our everyday cleaning products such as dishwasher tablets.

To learn more about out commitment to sustainability please read our mission statement.

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