Amanda Millett

"Clients feel positive about the advice they receive from both Mark & Gary"

My name is Amanda Millet, I’m a partner at Calvert Smith accountants in York, and have been with the firm for about 20 years.

We know Ardent as a firm of financial advisers that work in the city. We’ve had long-standing connections to the firm, through our mutual clients that overlap, they will provide financial advice, and we will do the accounting and tax advice.

We would recommend a wide breadth of different clients to Ardent. They cover many different areas of financial advice. Typically, people with high net worth, multiple properties, pension requirements, investment requirements, those sorts of needs that we see across our client base.

We often put Ardent forward as advisers for our clients because they continually do a good job for clients that already use them. We get good feedback, we know that they respond quickly and in a very courteous manner. They look after our clients well, once we’ve referred them. So, that leads us to continually consider them when it comes to new clients that are looking for advisers.

Both Gary and Mark are very approachable, very friendly, and make clients feel very much at ease, when in front of them dealing with sometimes complex and difficult issues that need to be addressed.

Clients have been positive, they feel that they get good advice from either Gary or Mark or both in some instances. They feel that their needs are considered on an individual basis and that time is taken to understand what those needs are.

As accountants, we’re not regulated to do financial advice ourselves. Yet, it’s a hugely important part of an individual’s financial planning for life. Much as though we can steer clients in the correct direction from a business or taxation point of view when it comes to needing to invest funds or to review pension arrangements, we’re not able to do that. So, it’s important to us that we have good connections and contacts within the financial services field, that can support our clients and give them the right advice to continue what we’ve already started in terms of the general financial planning for their families.

I’m always confident that Ardent will give our clients the time that is needed to assess their financial position and wherever possible, they will give them good advice.

Mark and Gary will spend time considering our client’s needs, analysing their individual requirements and finding the advice to fit those needs.

Ardent have done exceptionally well establishing a presence in the York financial services market and that is a credit to them and the service that they provide.

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