Peter Finlay

"Gary has helped me feel much more confident and relaxed about my retirement"

My name is Peter, I’ve worked with Gary at Ardent now for nearly five years.

The reason I contacted Gary in the first place was I found myself with a drawdown pension pot, which I absolutely had no idea what that involved. My solicitor recommended that I get in touch with Gary, and have a chat with him. I did and I’ve got to say that was one of the best pieces of advice that my solicitor gave me because it’s been absolutely brilliant since then.

First of all, I felt that he understood my ignorance and was able to explain things in very simple terms. He’s a very approachable kind of person. Dealing in the world of high finance and numbers, it can be quite daunting. But Gary just made things incredibly straightforward and easy to follow. And the thing I liked about it was that he made a big emphasis on gearing my investment portfolio to the kind of investor that I am. Either cautious or adventurous. I’ve got the feeling that they listen to me.

Things have changed. Since I’ve started working with Gary, in so much as it’s given me a lot of financial security now. We have regular reviews, the most important thing, of course, is that the pension pot fund is doing extremely well. I feel much more confident about the future with regard to the finances. And the way that I can, just a phone call or an email to Gary, get reassured about any sort of nagging doubts that I might have about the investment.

I feel that what I get from Gary is the confidence that he’s only a phone call away. We’ve developed a rapport over the years where I feel like he’s got a very friendly style and that kind of suits me. It’s put me in a much more confident and secure position going forward.

The best thing about working with Gary, for me is his attention to how the pension pot is performing. It’s performed extremely well. That is partly down to Gary’s diligence and observation of the market because we do have a review, occasionally, and he moves the money around to where he feels is going to get the best return. So, that clearly for me, gives tremendous confidence.

Having Gary there now for me has made retirement and my future in retirement feel much more confident and more relaxed. Before I took early retirement, I was a little bit apprehensive about the roadmap and how it worked out. But, after a few meetings with Gary, I was put certainly at ease and made to feel that the future did look secure. It did look attractive in so much as he was always there and always willing to explain whatever needed to be explained.

The best way I would describe Gary is that he is extremely approachable, affable and very competent in his business.

I would have no problem whatsoever in recommending Gary and Ardent to other people. In fact, I have done so.

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