10 great ethical apps to help you live more sustainably

According to media reports, Brits are looking to be more sustainable and environmentally aware in the way they live following the coronavirus lockdown.

Sometimes though, it can be difficult to know what to buy when you’re in the shop, or whether you can trust a company’s claim to be “green” or “ethical”.

Discover ten useful apps that could answer these questions, help you reduce waste, buy more sustainably and potentially reduce your environmental footprint.

1. Farmdrop

If you are one of those who want to know where the produce you buy originates from, Farmdrop could help.

The e-grocer and delivery service connect you with local independent and organic farmers, arranging farm-to-home deliveries so you can support British produce and ensure maximum food transparency.

Currently, Farmdrop delivers to London, Bath and Bristol, but it expects to expand into northern England in 2021.

Available: iOS only.

2. EDO

If you are interested in the nutritional value of the food you eat then EDO is for you. The free app helps you decode food labels, confirming whether food is gluten-free or suitable for those who are lactose intolerant.

EDO also provides a health rating out of ten, based on the nutritional values of each of the ingredients.

Available: Android and iOS. An ad-free version can also be purchased.

3. Refill

It’s said that if one in ten of us refilled a water bottle once a week, we’d take 340 million plastic bottles out of circulation. To help achieve this Refill helps you if you’d rather use a reusable water bottle but are concerned about not being able to fill while you’re out and about.

The free app provides locations that you can refill your water bottle, saving you the awkwardness of asking owners of shops, cafes or restaurants to replenish it.

Available: Android and iOS.

4. TreeClicks

If you are worried about the environmental impact of the purchases you make, TreeClicks may provide a solution.

It aims to offset the carbon emissions released as goods are transported, or the pollution generated while products are made, by planting trees. When you add the free app to your browser, it receives a fee when you shop from certain retailers, such as eBay, Amazon and ASOS, allowing it to plant trees.

Available: iOS, Android, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari for Mac, and online.

5. Happy Cow

If you are vegan or vegetarian and want to know what restaurants, food trucks or cafes there are near you that provide the food you are looking for, Happy Cow can help.

The app, which typically charges a fee, helps you find nearby local eateries and juice bars, as well as providing opening hours, contact numbers and directions.

Available: Android and iOS.

6. Falling Fruit

While there is an abundance of foraging locations across the UK, including in towns and cities, finding them can be difficult. With Falling Fruit you can zoom in on your location and see foraging sites near you.

If you come across foraging spots you can add them to the pay-to-use app, so that others benefit as well. Keep yourself safe and only use the app if you are confident about identifying edible produce that won’t harm you.

Available: Android and iOS.

7. Regain

If you have cleared out your wardrobe and wondered what to do with your unwanted clothing, try Regain. The free app means you could turn old clothing into vouchers that can be used at selected retailers and fashion brands.

Simply drop off your old clothes at one of thousands of points across the UK, and Regain ensures they will be re-worn, recycled or upcycled to avoid landfill.

Available: Android and iOS.

8. Good on You

Ethical fashion app Good on You helps separate the facts from the fiction when it comes to supply chains, animal welfare and working conditions, should you be looking to buy more ethically and sustainably.

The free app provides a score out of five and a summary of a company you are considering purchasing fashion items from, allowing you to decide whether they meet your ethical standards or not.

Available: Android and iOS.

9. Kitche

According to a recent BBC report, the UN Environment Programme’s Food Waste Index revealed that more than 900 million tonnes of food is thrown away every year. Of that, 60% is in the home.

If you want to reduce waste in your household, Kitche helps achieve this by keeping track of the ingredients in your cupboards. You use the free app to scan supermarket receipts, and the information is added to your virtual pantry.

It then sends alerts letting you know when food is reaching its “best before” date. It also allows you to track the food you throw away so that you can reduce the amount you dispose of.

Available: Android.

10. Zipcar

If you no longer feel you travel enough to warrant owning a car, or simply want to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of driving you do, one option may be to join a car share club.

One such scheme is Zipcar, which allows you to book a vehicle using its app as and when you need it.

As Zipcar has a fleet of electric cars you could also enjoy cleaner motoring. The app allows you to find the nearest vehicle and use your mobile phone to unlock it using Bluetooth. While you pay to use Zipcar’s services, the app can be downloaded for free.

Available: Android and iOS.

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