10 positive benefits of working with the Ardent team

When you think of a financial planner, it’s likely the first thing that springs to mind will be investment returns, tax efficiency, growing your wealth, and retirement planning.

These are all central to what financial planners do, although there is an equally important role that quality financial planners also provide: peace of mind.

Whether you’re retired or planning for retirement, investing for your child’s future, preparing for later-life care or going through a divorce, having someone you can trust is vital.

So too is knowing that your planner will help you secure your financial future, whether that’s in the short term, the long term, or both.

With this in mind, read on discover 10 benefits of working with Ardent, and why we can help support your financial and emotional wellbeing.

1. Every aspect of your wealth is taken into consideration

To provide the best outcome and genuine peace of mind for you, we take the trouble to understand all of your finances and how they dovetail into one another.

Furthermore, as your situation changes, we make sure that we update your information to ensure we can continually provide the very best advice and outcome for you over the long term.

2. You’ll enjoy an honest and proactive working relationship

Delivering the highest standards is central to what we do, so we always operate in an ethical and conscientious way.

As an award-winning independent financial planner we can find the best solutions for you from the entire market, rather than just considering a limited range of products that only go some way to helping you.

As a result, you can feel more confident about the decisions you make with your money.

3. You’ll receive clear and understandable advice

The world of finance is complex, and one that’s made much more confusing by industry jargon. As we want you to understand what we’re saying, we make a point of cutting the jargon out of our conversations, and only use language that makes sense to you.

This means you will understand why the solutions we recommend work for you, allowing you to plan for the future with the confidence you’re in control of your finances.

4. We’ll keep your finances on track to meet your goals

By developing a long-term working relationship with regular reviews, you will be able to keep your wealth on track to meet your financial aims.

Whether you’re building for retirement, investing for your children’s future, or preparing for later-life care, we ensure that your wealth is on track to meet your goals.

5. We’ll help you understand what your future might look like

Our dedication to providing the very best outcomes for your money means that we have invested in state-of-the-art financial technology to help you make the right decisions.

Using these tools, we can model your income, expenditure and assets to show you how your future could look, and how sustainable any action you’re considering might be.

This provides you with the confidence you need to make decisions that your future self will thank you for.

6. Divorcees can look forward to a brighter tomorrow

Going through a divorce can be difficult and traumatic. Our experience in providing non-judgmental and empathetic advice helps divorcees back on their financial feet, so that they can look ahead to a brighter tomorrow.

If you’re divorcing, we’ll help you understand your total marital assets so that you know what a fair settlement should look like, and develop a strategy that will help you build a future you can enjoy.  We also have Resolution accreditation, which is awarded to those who demonstrate excellence in their area of expertise within family matters.

7. You can use investing as a power for good

Increasingly, investors want to use their money for good, and you might be one of them. This is why we help clients like you to invest in environmentally and socially responsible funds.

When New Model Adviser named us as a top 100 UK financial firm in 2021, it noted that three-quarters of the investment portfolios we recommended were Environmental, Sustainable and Governance (ESG) funds.

This provides you with peace of mind that any ESG fund we recommend is bona fide, and really will help your wealth and the planet move forward to a potentially brighter future.

8. You will be working with a local company

While our clients are central to everything we do, so is our local community. The people we live and work alongside matter to us, which is why we have supported others who are struggling with today’s escalating food prices by making a £1,000 donation to York Foodbank.

Furthermore, we hold sponsored events to help people living with cancer. Last year, we completed a gruelling 13-mile hike around the Lake District to raise more than £2,500 for Leukaemia UK and we have committed to making a donation to the charity every time a client provides us with a referral to someone they know.

We also make a £50 donation to York Against Cancer for every meeting we have that comes from a client recommendation. Simply put, if you recommend your friends, family or colleagues to us and we meet with them, we’ll make a £50 donation on your behalf.

As such, you know you will be working with people who put your welfare, and the welfare of others, at the heart of what we do.

9. You can trust us

Having Chartered financial planning status demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest levels of service. But don’t just take our word for it!

In our latest client survey, 98% of those we work with said they were happy with our performance. Furthermore, 100% said working with us has, or will, help them reach their financial goals.

To ensure that we continue providing the very best advice, we also belong to the Society of Later-Life Advisers (SOLLA) and the Equity Release Council, which also demand gold standard levels of service and expertise.

10. We provide an award-winning service

We have been officially named as a VouchedFor Top Rated firm for 2022, which identifies and celebrates the UK’s best financial advice firms, all based on client feedback. Indeed, we’re the only firm in North Yorkshire to achieve Top Rated status.

This followed New Model Adviser naming us one of the top 100 planning firms in the UK in 2021, recognising our outstanding service and clear, understandable advice.

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