6 positive benefits Ardent can provide for you and your clients

If you or your clients already work with Ardent, you will probably know about our commitment to providing excellent advice and a first-class service.

Whether we’re working with people who are retired, are building for retirement or looking to mitigate an Inheritance Tax liability, we always aim to provide advice that delivers your client’s goals or aspirations.

What you may not have thought of is how doing this can enhance the services you provide, and how this could put you ahead of the competition. Read on to discover six benefits of working with Ardent for you and your clients.

1. We consider every aspect of your client’s wealth

To provide genuine peace of mind and the best outcome for you, we take the trouble to understand all your client’s finances and how they dovetail into one another.

Furthermore, as their situation changes, we make sure that we update the information to ensure we can continually provide the very best advice over the long term.

If you are an accountant or solicitor, we will work with you to ensure every aspect of your client’s finances are taken into account, to ensure they can progress towards their goals. Furthermore, it also makes sure that their wealth is as tax-efficient as possible.

This could provide additional benefits for your clients, which could help enhance your business’s reputation and drive new business through the door.

2. Your clients receive clear and understandable advice

The world of finance is complex, and one that’s made much more confusing by industry jargon. As we want your client to understand what we’re saying, we make a point of cutting jargon out of our conversations so that they understand their options and the benefits for them.

It means your clients can plan for the future with confidence and understand the steps they need to take to achieve their goals. This could mean better quality conversations for you, which means you could provide more effective and timely legal or accountancy solutions.

3. We develop long-term relationships that mean nothing’s missed

At Ardent we always look to develop a long-term working relationship with clients, featuring regular reviews. This means your clients have peace of mind that their wealth is on track to meet their goals, and if it’s not, what their options might be.

We also use state-of-the-art cashflow modelling technology to help your client understand what their future might look like, so that they have the confidence to make the right decision.

Additionally, developing a long-term business relationship means we can keep abreast of any changes that are happening in your client’s life, which might need your involvement as well. As such, we will refer them back to you, or work in conjunction with you to ensure a legal or accountancy issue is dealt with quickly and efficiently.

This could help increase business, and ensure your clients are happy with the service you’re providing, which, in turn, could result in recommendations being made about your company.

4. Clients who are divorcing could enjoy a brighter financial future

If you’re a solicitor, you may help clients navigate the minefield of divorce. We can support your work thanks to our experience in providing non-judgmental and empathetic advice that could benefit you and your client.

For example, we can help your client understand their total marital assets, so that you get a better idea of what a fair settlement should look like and ensure a better outcome for your client.

Additionally, we have Resolution accreditation that is awarded to those who demonstrate excellence in their area of expertise within family matters. This means you can be assured we will always deal with your client in an appropriate and sympathetic manner.

5. You will be working with a local company that cares

While our clients are central to everything we do, so is our local community. We are committed to working with local businesses to provide a network of like-minded companies that provide excellence for those they work with.

This provides better outcomes for clients, which in turn enhances the reputation of the companies both individually and collectively. It helps keep your business ahead of the competition.

6. You can trust us

Having Chartered financial planning status demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest levels of service, as do the awards we are extremely proud to have won.

In 2021 New Model Adviser named us as one of the top 100 advice firms in the UK, recognising those financial firms that provide outstanding service and clear, understandable advice.

Earlier this year we were also named as a VouchedFor Top Rated firm, which identifies and celebrates the UK’s best financial advice firms. Furthermore, the award is based on client feedback.

While we are delighted to have won these awards, we are not resting on our laurels, and strive to constantly improve the already high standards we deliver. This means that you have peace of mind that your clients will benefit from the level of service you would want them to receive, which is always going to be a positive reflection on your business.

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