Social impact investing, ethical, responsible, values based investment

Refer to it as you wish, but demand for this type of investment has been on the rise for many years now. More and more people are looking at where their money is being invested and asking if the business values match their own.

At Ardent, we can help you invest in a way that answers those questions – aiming to match your beliefs with your long-term investment goals.

Who can we help?

Do you

  • want to be sure your money isn’t being used to fund businesses or organisations with values you don’t like?
  • want to know your investments are being invested in businesses that work specifically to benefit the environment, improve supply chain or labour standards or boost human rights for example?

How can we help?

Call it green, ethical, values based, or socially-responsible, it’s a massively growing market with more exposure and new fund managers coming into the arena on an ongoing basis.

Funds vary but a typical negatively screened fund will remove companies whose activities are involved in areas such as:

  • nuclear fuel
  • arms
  • pornography
  • animal testing
  • gambling
  • child labour/human rights abuses
  • fracking
  • alcohol
  • tobacco
  • environmental harm
  • genetic modification

Our overall investment process is exactly the same as with standard investing, except your money will only go into funds that meet your requirements. We deliver the same customer care, the same process and the same high Ardent standard of service - but we make sure your money gets invested to match your beliefs.

Meet our Social Impact Investing specialist

Mark Fisher

Director & Financial Planner


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We get a lot of questions about Social Impact Investing — here are some of the most often asked:

Will ethical investing compromise my returns?
Not necessarily, but it is important that you are investing in a way that matches the level of risk that you are comfortable with the long term goals that you are looking to achieve.
Can I trust Ardent to identify and look after my beliefs?

Yes. Ardent is a member of the Ethical Investment Association and the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF).

These organisations have high standards and vet their members thoroughly. Our ethical specialist, Mark Fisher, keeps up to date with all the relevant standards and commits to keep on improving and investing in his own professional knowledge.

Is there an industry standard for ethical investment?
Not yet - but it’s in the pipeline and we’re keeping a close eye on developments.
Is ethical investing more risky?

This will depend on your point of view! Ethical investing is not necessarily a riskier way of investing if done correctly.

We here at Ardent, are advocates of ensuring that your investments match your willingness to take and handle risk. Its our job to ensure that you understand risk and reward and that you are comfortable in how your monies are invested.

Our Chartered Financial Planning status is an indication of our commitment to delivering the highest standards and ethical behavior. It’s our industry’s gold standard.
Our Cyber Essentials accreditation is a sign we take data security seriously. We have proven measures in place to ensure all our client’s data is held and processed securely. It’s peace of mind for all of us.