Retirement Planning Advice

When it comes to retirement planning, pensions are only part of the story. By helping you clarify your goals, both now and in the future, we can help you prepare for life after work.

How we can help with Retirement Planning Advice

There’s more to retirement planning than just pensions. Retirement planning is about looking at how you live your life now, how you’d like to live your life in the future and how together we can achieve these goals.

Once we have done this we can then work out how much income you will need in retirement and what we need to do to generate that income.

We can advise you on the most appropriate types of investment opportunities, balancing the level of risk with the return on investment required. Our specialist retirement planning experts can also advise on transferring pensions and special situations such as sharing pensions on divorce.

You can also speak to us about Estate Planning.

Retirement Planning Advice in a nutshell

  • Help clarify your goals both now and in the future

  • Calculate the level of income needed in retirement

  • Offer advice on investments, from “normal” pension funds to special investments such as land or property

  • Balance the level of risk with the return on investment required

  • Review current pension arrangements and implement changes where appropriate

  • Advise on special situations such as sharing pensions on divorce

Meet our Retirement Planning Advice specialists

Gary O’Brien

Director & Chartered Financial Planner


Pensions Transfers and Trusts

Michael Oglesby

Director & Specialist Later Life Financial Planner


Later-Life Financial Planning

Mark Fisher



Financial Planning

Ruth Norman

Financial Planner


Financial Planning, Equity Release

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