Retirement Planning Advice

When it comes to retirement planning, pensions are only part of the story.

Retirement planning is about looking at how you live your life now, how you’d like to live your life in the future and how together we can achieve these goals.

Whether you’re...

  • planning your retirement and deciding when that day may be
  • reviewing your current provision to ensure it’s enough to achieve your retirement goal
  • considering starting a pension and looking to start a retirement plan
  • reviewing a number of different pensions in various places helping you clarify your goals, both now and in the future, we can help you prepare for a fulfilling life after work.

How we can help with retirement planning

We will start with an initial meeting and look at your current situation. We will discuss with you your goals and what life will look like for you in retirement.

We will build you a financial plan which will take into account your current provision and whether that is sufficient to meet your needs.

We will obtain a forecast on your state pension provision.

We will take into account all your other financial commitments along with your savings etc.

We will work with you to help you achieve your goal with regular reviews.

We can advise you on the most appropriate types of investment opportunities, balancing the level of risk with the return on investment required. Our specialist retirement planning experts can also advise on transferring pensions and special situations such as sharing pensions on divorce.

You can also speak to us about estate planning.

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Ardent has adopted The Pension Transfer Gold Standard which means our advice aligns with the nine principles set out by the Personal Finance Society. These principles ensure we look after the interests of our clients and offer the best possible advice and service.

Meet our Retirement Planning Advice specialists

Gary O’Brien

Director & Chartered Financial Planner


Pensions Transfers and Trusts

Mark Fisher

Director & Financial Planner


Financial Planning

Ruth Norman

Financial Planner


Financial Planning, Equity Release

Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you in your decision making:

Aren’t Financial Advisers just trying to sell me something?

We only make money from fees, rather than commission. We’ll always explain our fees, and the cost of the products we recommend before we give any advice.

Will my money run out?

We won’t even try to answer this question until we’ve created an accurate picture of your financial position using our cash flow modelling platform.

Am I getting the right advice?

As ‘Independent’ Financial Planners, we have a wider reach when searching for the most suitable product for you, we’ll ask all the important questions to determine what kind of investment is going to suit you and your future plans, and then recommend accordingly.

If I cash in my pension pot how much tax will I pay?

When cashing in a pension pot you will usually get 25% tax free. The remaining 75% is taxable and it will be added to any other taxable income you have in the tax year. Adding a large cash sum to your income could mean that you move into a higher tax rate. It could also affect your entitlement to any benefits. It is therefore important that you understand what your income in particular may be.

What our retirement planning clients have said about us

‘Mark Fisher has provided me with excellent investment advice thereby enabling me to take early retirement. The team are very friendly and professional.’
‘Had a complete Pension review with Ardent culminating in an excellent presentation that clearly explained my short, medium- and long-term options. An excellent service and a down-to-earth team who don't complicate matters with financial jargon. Would definitely recommend them.’
‘Gary has been looking after my pension fund for nearly 3 years now, he has advised and guided me from the beginning. I have been more the happy with Gary and his staff and would highly recommend Ardent to anyone looking into pension planning.’
‘Ardent has been managing my finances for many years and I have always found everyone to be approachable and efficient. As my personal advisor, Gary has been fantastic and has provided really valuable advice in a friendly and supportive way. I would therefore highly recommend the Ardent team and have no hesitation in awarding 5 stars!’
‘Mark has given us excellent service over the years, investing my pension fund and other savings. I wanted an ethical portfolio, and Mark has been very good at finding funds that fit with my criteria and perform well. We have annual meetings with him to review our investments, which helps us keep in touch with our affairs. He is extremely approachable, and always available if we have questions. I would thoroughly recommend him and the firm.’
Ardent has provided brilliant advice, perfectly tailored to us and our family. It is so easy to make changes to our portfolio and the annual review is invaluable to keep a check on our finances. Anyone who ever wants to retire and not live in a bus stop should talk to one of the brilliant specialists at Ardent to make the most of your money!’

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